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Hi there!

I am Taibhse Designs

Taibhse Designs is my art & passion for design expressed as a company.

Based in Roscommon Ireland, land of rain and leprechauns, Taibhse Designs is an Irish based design company that provides a wide array of services in the areas of 3D modeling, rendering, concept design & specialties in additive manufacturing, building prototypes, cosplay and prop design creation.

While based in Ireland, Taibhse Designs can provide services no matter where you are, Europe, the USA or even the ISS! (If NASA lets your project onto a rocket) , Taibhse Designs services can be provided to you.

Our Services

Concept Design & Iteration

Got an Idea? Need help Fleshing it out? We can help take your ideas forward and help work out the kinks.

Computer Aided Design

3D Modeling, CAD, Rendering, need a model made for 3D printing or 3D drawings done up, we can help.

Prototype Fabrication

Need a prototype of your idea? Want it made into reality? We can turn your ideas into real holdable objects.

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

Quality parts made using Fused filament fabrication. Got a model you need printed? We can print your files.

Prop, Cosplay and Replica fabrication

Got a Movie, Video Game, Show or Comic your passionate about? We can bring any prop or replica from your favourite media into reality.

Toy Design & Fabrication

Got an idea for a toy or model kit? Need a designer to build it? Need a small production run? Get in touch today.

Freelance Design Consulting

Need a freelance designer to consult on your project? Love our work and want us to help with your projects? Contact us today.

Commissioned Builds & Projects

Love something you saw in our portfolio? We regularly take commissions to rebuild past projects for new clients.

Want to keep up to date with what we’re doing and See behind the scenes of Taibhse Designs?

Then make sure to follow us on Social Media @Taibhse_Designs

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This filthy human fixed Gir up when he met the most moosey-ist of fates. Now I must return to my plans for earth conquest.
Invader Zim
Invader Zim
Lobbed off my hand, stole my portal gun designs then built his own one and now displays it with my severed arm, what kind of psycho does that.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez

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