An Update from Us

An Update from Us

We, at Taibhse Designs are delighted to announced that business will soon be returning to normal and going back to business as usual, ensuring all COVID-19 safety guidelines are met upon.

Here in Ireland, we are in the progress of returning back from a country wide lockdown and lockdown on travel and business. Things are slowly returning to normal once again though. As of last week, shops are beginning to reopen country wide as guided by the five-phase plan put in place by our government, travel within the country has freed up a little making purchasing of supplies easier and aiding with day to day business returning to normal. This means, Taibhse Designs will resume business and various projects as normal.

You, our valued customers, we would like to assure you that all safety, health, and other precautionary guidelines are being met to promise the best safety for our customers. All packages to be sent out and future commissions will be thoroughly wiped and cleansed with disinfectant cleaning agents where possible.

As Ireland is only getting back into the regular normality of business, shipping may see some delays internationally as well as the purchasing of set materials needed towards accomplishing ongoing projects. We will keep all of our customers updated throughout this process and do our best to minimize delays. We would like to thank you all for the patience shown towards Taibhse Designs in this most unexpected of times we face.

At present in the works we are working on further workshop renovations with a new door to be installed, new work benches and tooling areas, lighting and electricity being worked on. Thankfully we can now return to finishing these efforts. We are also currently chipping away at a line up of commissions for our clients including a stack of Hello Unicorn backpacks being worked on for various clients. These projects take time and great efforts, especially in these current times and we would like to reassure all our clients that no ones project has been forgotten and that we look forward to completing all works in progress.

Also, a reminder here that nobody is serving this pandemic alone we are all in this together and we wish safety and gracious health to everyone. Please be responsible and follow all medical advice to the best of your abilities, together we can beat Covid-19 and see ourselves through the other side of this pandemic.

Thank you!